Clear Braces

In our quest to offer our patients the very latest orthodontic treatment options, Cox Orthodontics uses several types of braces including clear braces for more discreet treatment. Clear braces work in the same way as conventional metal braces but they're far less noticeable due to the brackets being transparent. Many of the adults we treat at our five orthodontic offices in Goose Creek, North Charleston, Carnes/Cane Bay, Summerville and Walterboro SC choose to wear clear braces because of how discreet these braces are.

Inspire Ice Clear Braces - The Best Aesthetic Choice

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We are very proud to use Inspire Ice Clear Braces. With their small design and translucent appearance, these highly aesthetic braces are ideal for patients who want to improve their smiles discreetly so they can feel 100% confident about their appearance during their treatment. Inspire Ice Clear Braces are twice as strong than other types of clear braces and they work with precision and speed to give you all the confidence you need to smile broadly while you're improving your smile!

The Most Discreet Braces Available Today 

The patented, crystal-clear sapphire technology used to make Inspire Ice brackets makes these braces the most discreet braces available today. And, since the brackets do not stain or discolor over time, you'll look great for the entire time you're in treatment. For more information about Inspire Ice Clear Braces and why they're the braces of choice for a growing number of patients, call our office today!

Why Choose Clear Braces?

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If you're considering improving your smile with orthodontic treatment, there are many good reasons to consider choosing clearbraces as your preferred treatment method including:
  • Treatment is very discreet for better self-confidence

  • Inspire Ice clear brackets have heat-polished surfaces which dramatically reduces friction for better comfort

  • No staining or discoloration to worry about with Inspire Ice ceramic brackets

  • Uncompromised results - when you're finished treatment with Inspire Ice clear braces, you will have an amazing smile that's both healthy and attractive

Schedule Your Appointment Today

If you're ready to take that first step toward the attractive and healthy smile you deserve, schedule an appointment with us today. At your first visit, Dr. Cox will provide you with a thorough examination followed by a discussion of your potential treatment options which may include Inspire Ice Clear Braces. We look forward to seeing you soon and helping you achieve the smile of your dreams!